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How to Make Seed Bags to Relieve Pain

earn how to make seed bags to warm up in the microwave and get a therapeutic heat effect capable of relieving muscle aches and warming cold feet in winter. Adding aromatic plants such as lavender also provides a relaxing effect.We all know the seed bags and we probably have one in our home. We use them to combat the cold, to relieve or to fight muscular pains, etc. Even so, chances are we have bought it in some store.In order to create your own bag of seeds we will need: a printed cotton cloth, a plain cotton cloth, rice, thread and scissors.

How to Make a Homemade Seed Bag

Start by cutting two equal rectangles of the two types of fabric (stamped and smooth). Depending on how you want the size of the bag, the dimensions of these rectangles will be determined.Take the piece of plain cloth and fold it upside down by its half. Sew all around it leaving an opening. Turn the fabric over when you have it sewn.
Once you have finished sewing the bag, fill with rice, 2/3 parts. Afterwards, sew the opening that you had left to introduce the rice.

He picks up the stamped fabric rectangle, folds it in half for its reverse and sews a bag, but leaves an opening again.Place the bag of smooth cloth already stuffed with rice into the printed fabric bag, closing the opening that you left, so that our bag of seeds will have two layers of cloth. And ready!If you want to achieve a relaxing effect you can add aromatic plants such as lavender.You can now put the bag in the microwave for 2-3 minutes with a glass of water and make use of it as many times as you want. Good to warm us if it is cold or to relieve muscle aches.

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